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Chakra Singing Bowls

The singing bowls in our chakra singing bowls section are all premium quality singing bowls. Each Chakra singing bowl now has a corresponding video at the bottom, so you can hear the sound of each bowl before you buy.


Every singing bowl in this section was hand-selected by us. In this section, the bowl you see is exactly the bowl you will receive. The meditation bowls are hand-tuned to a specific note, and each note correlates to a particular chakra. The bowls in this section are perfect if there is a particular chakra you would like to work on, or if you know you need a particular note to complete your collection.


Each chakra singing bowl comes with a striker (as do all our singing bowls). In addition, if you would like to place a custom order, and there is a particular note you need in a certain style, just give us a call and we will tailor your singing bowl to your specific needs.