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Life of Buddha

The Life of Buddha image is very popular on thangkas and other Buddhist paintings. The Life of Buddha is a painting of the great deeds accomplished during Gautama Buddha's Life. Here is a list of the stages...

1. Promise to be born as a human and guide us from ignorance to enlightenment.

2. Queen Maya's dream (Shakyamuni chose to be born to Queen Maya and she had a dream of this event before it occurred)

3. Birth of Siddhartha

4. Period of dedication to learning during his youth

5. Skillful conduct of wordly affairs

6. Four encounters

7. Renunciation of wordly life

8. 6 years of Austerities

9. Defeat of Mara (Buddhist manifestation of death and desire)

10. Proclamation of teachings

11. Descent from the Taratrimsa heaven

12. Passage into Parinirvana (the final Nirvana)

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