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NAMGYALMA MANTRA, Om Bhrum Soha Om Amrita Ayur Da Dai Soha

Namgyalma is the deity who has long been associated with her connection to longevity and the process of spiritual purification. Namgyalma should be considered to be one of the female bodhisattva who is able to help put an end to misery and suffering.The Namgyalma mantra is said to have infinite benefits for those who recite it, which makes it an incredibly powerful mantra to repeat. Practicing the Namgyalma mantra is said to be responsible for helping to free yourself from diseases, illnesses and injuries that could be threatening your life, and also to help you to lengthen your life span. Another benefit of reciting the Namgyalma mantra is that it is said to increase your wisdom, purify your obscurations, eliminate your sins, and help to provide you with a shield against evil omens.

The Namgyalma mantra is thought to be so intensely powerful that if it is spoken around any person, they will benefit from never against needing to be born from the womb; which is one of the causes of suffering. This also means that if it is spoken to or around animals, that they will never again find that they are reborn in the lower realms.

The Namgyalma mantra is the primary mantra that is recited in order to help liberate sentient beings from the lower realms where suffering is tenfold. It is also the main mantra that is used in order to purify the beings and help by purify their negative karma. This very powerful mantra is often also whispered into the ear of those who are in the process of dying or are already dead, so that they can receive the benefit of purification.

The Namgyalma mantra is Om Bhrum Soha Om Amrita Ayur Da Dai Soha

While it can certainly be difficult to directly translate many of the mantras of Buddhism into English, the essential meaning of this mantra is to beseech upon Namgyalma to guide you toward the right pathway that will lead to your own enlightenment and happiness. Namgyalma is also asked to help with the elimination of illness and disease that are responsible for suffering, and also is asked to help with longevity that will help to ensure we are able to further our journey toward enlightenment.

In numerous sacred texts and illustrations, Namgyalma is depicted as being accompanied by the other two deities of longevity. Collectively, Namgyalma, the White Tara, and Amitayus are referred to as the Three Long-Life Deities of Tantric Buddhism.

Namgyalma is described with a body that is pure white in color, not unlike an autumn moon. She is said to have three faces. Her left face is blue in color. Her right face is yellow in color. Her central face is white in color. Each of her three faces has three eyes and a unique expression, with the blue face holding something of a wrathful expression. Despite this wrathful and pained expression, she is actually a peaceful soul who would mean no one any harm.

Namgyalma is described as having eight arms. Her first right hand holds a vajra at the level of her heart, which is representative of the indestructibility found in balance. The second right hand holds a lotus, on top of which sits Amitabha, who is said to be the Buddha of pure love; this is symbolic of Namgyalma reassuring those who follow her that at the time of their death, she will be there to guide them to the pure land of Buddha Amitabha. The third right hand holds in it an arrow, which is representative of her ability to guide her followers in the right direction towards enlightenment. The fourth right hand is in a gesture most often associated with being the gesture of granting generosity.

Her first left hand holds within it a noose. The second left hand clutches a bow. The third left hand is in a gesture that is associated as being the gesture of reassurance. Her last left hand is in the gesture of meditation.

On her lap she holds a vase that is filled with the nectar of longevity so that all sentient beings can reach the enlightenment that will free them from suffering. She is depicted most often sitting in the lotus position and wearing the crown that is representative of the five Buddha families.

In illustrations and statues she is often depicted with a pair of cymbals at her feet, with the auspicious mirror also lying at her feet.

The Namgyalma mantra is a very powerful mantra for purification of the body and of the soul. The Buddha Shakyamuni taught his followers of the many benefits that can come from reciting the Namgyalma mantra. It can increase your lifespan, help to free you from disease, purify your obscurations, and ultimately help you to achieve nirvana.

It is said that by reciting the Namgyalma mantra twenty one times, and then blowing upon mustard seeds, you will imbue the mustard seeds with the strength and wisdom of Namgyalma. These mustard seeds can then be thrown upon the bones of the most evil of beings and they will immediately be freed from the lower realms and be reborn into a higher realm so that they can once again continue on their journey to enlightenment. Throwing the blessed mustard seeds works to purify the being’s consciousness in order to help them continue with their journey.

It is also said that placing this mantra on a stone or a banner above the roof of your home, or inside of your home, will ensure anyone who is affected by even the shadow of that stone or banner will not experience rebirth in the lowest realms.

A powerful mantra, no matter how you recite it, the Namgyalma mantra is one that every Buddhist should be familiar with as they embark on their own journey to rid themselves of suffering, move towards enlightenment and the true attainment of happiness.