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Singing Bowl Accessories

Singing Bowl Cushions, Leather Mallets, Singing Bowl Stands, and more products are what we carry in our Singing Bowl Accessories section. At Mandala Trading, every singing bowl we carry comes with a wooden striker, but sometimes you can get a better tone, especially when striking the bowl, from a leather mallet. Leather mallets are especially helpful for hand-hammered bowls, and you can even use the leather mallet to play the singing bowl by moving the mallet around the outside of the bowl on our larger hand-hammered bowls. We also carry stands for our singing bowls and cushions.

Every day in our Austin, TX showroom, people ask us whether a cushion is needed to play the singing bowl. The answer is no, you don't have to use a cushion when you play the bowl and you can always hold the singing bowl in your hand when you play it. But, you may want a cushion for two reasons. One is for display, singing bowls look beautiful on your shelf when they are sitting on a cushion. Another reason is to play the singing bowl if you don't want to hold it. For the larger singing bowls, it is difficult to hold the bowl and so the cushion is pretty necessary, and then some people also like to use a cushion to rest their singing bowl when they strike the singing bowl, or if they are play multiple singing bowls at the same time.