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Singing Bowls

Singing bowls come in two main varieties, cast and hand-hammered bowls. Cast bowls are often painted and have designs on both the outside and inside of the bowl, while hand-hammered bowls are traditionally plain. Hand-hammered bowls are actually formed by hand, and often provide a more complex sound, while cast bowls are often easier to play. Our singing bowls are modern bowls, and we advise against the purchase of 'antique' bowls. Fakes abound, and it is difficult to accurately date a singing bowl. We carry three product lines of singing bowls, hand-hammered singing bowls, cast singing bowls, and our healing singing bowls. In our healing singing bowls section we show videos and have sound-bites of the singing bowls, and provide the note and what chakra the note corresponds with. When you purchase a healing bowl, you have our guarantee that the bowl you hear will be the bowl you receive. This makes our premium bowls a great deal for our customers who are looking for a bowl that corresponds to a particular chakra.