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The Protection Mandala

A Sanskrit word that means “circle”, Mandala is often the form that traditional sacred art takes on. In the most basic form, the mandala is typically a square with four gates that contain a circle, with a center point to it. Each of the four gates is in a T-shape.

Mandalas typically have both ritual and spiritual significance in Buddhism and in Hinduism alike. They can be used in spiritual teachings, as a tool. They can be used to help establish that a space is sacred or holds sacred meaning. They can also be used as aids to meditations and in the induction of trances. The symbolic nature of the mandala is said to help meditators progress deeper into their unconscious, in order to attain a sense of oneness with the universe.

Mandala has also entered into the modern-day vocabulary to be a generic term used to describe a chart, plan, or pattern that is representative of the cosmos.

It is important to note that while mandala can be translated to mean circle, it is more than just representative of a simple shape. A mandala is representative of wholeness, and it can also be seen as the model for the structural organization of life itself. The mandala exists as a cosmic diagram that serves to remind of our relation to the world that extends infinitely. The mandala describes all of our realities, including the non-material and the material realities. The mandala can be considered to be an integrated structure that is organized around a single unifying center.

Srid-Pa-Ho Protection Mandala

The protection mandala, as the name would suggest, offers protection to those who are using it as a part of their meditation and other spiritual rituals. Srid-Pa-Ho is a very powerful Tibetan mandala that is typically kept around for the protection properties that it offers. With a unique combination of deities and important astrological symbols, the Srid-Pa-Ho mandala offers protection, helps to create the ideal Feng Shui in a space, and can also help with attractive positive energy into the home and surroundings of the individual. When meditating on the Srid-Pa-Ho mandala, meditators are said to experience a heightening in their awareness, and also get the benefits of protection for their body and mind from the negative influences surrounding them. The Srid-Pa-Ho mandala depicts the sword of wisdom, which is said to help cut through confusion and help to dispel obstacles that are typically in the way of our achieving peace.

Tara Protection Mandala

Tara is known for being the goddess of protection and compassion. She is one of the primary female deities in Buddhism, and is certainly one of the most worshipped deities in Buddhism. Tara has several manifestations, including the Green Tara who is known for being the deity who offers protection and helping people to overcome obstacles in their pathway. Green Tara is also known for helping to save her followers from the danger that they might be facing. Tara is often also manifested as White Tara, who is known for being the delivered and guardian of peace. White Tara is also known for offering the gift of longevity and protection those who are devoted to her.

The Tara protection mandala will offer everything that Tara offers, and is very often used in meditation while speaking the Tara Mantra of Om Tare Tu Tare Tu Re Swaha.

Mandalas can take many physical forms, and can take anywhere from several hours or several week in order to complete them. Sand mandalas start by drawing the outline of the mandala on a wooden platform, which itself can take several days. Over the course of the next several days, colored sands will be intricately layered onto the mandala’s shapes. Sand mandalas are often displayed in monasteries, museums, or other places of traditional worship. They are typically deconstructed not long after they have been completed. This deconstruction is done as a metaphor that speaks to the impermanence of life itself. The grains of sand are swept up and ultimately placed into an urn, which is symbolic of the function of healing. During ceremonies, half of the sands are distributed to the worshippers in attendance of the closing ceremony, and the other half of the sands are transported and deposited into the nearest body of water. This is symbolic of the healing blessing that the waters carry to the ocean, from which the blessings spread across the world in order to foster healing and peace.

Mandala tapestries and other woven textiles can be used to offer protection to your home, your private meditation space, and even to your place of business. The protection mandala can help to provide you with the protection your home or your place of business needs in order to stave off negative energies. When used in your meditation space, your protection mandala will not only help with the designation of your medication area as a tranquil and sacred spot, but it will also help you to better achieve the levels of meditation that you are looking for.

Protection mandalas are also great gifts to give to those you care about. They can be found in varying sizes, shapes, and colors. Keep in mind that the size of the mandala does not determine the effectiveness of the protection offered by the mandala.

In addition to protection mandalas, there are healing mandalas and teaching mandalas. They contain their own symbols, symbolism, and offer their own forms of protection and opportunity to learn.